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All About Calories

I thought that this would be a good time to address a few common misconceptions about calories and what they mean to you. So lets start with figuring out what a calorie really is. A calorie is a measurement of energy. Like saying a gallon is a measurement of liquid. Basically, when food says ...Read More

Before and After Workouts

Some of my most common questions are about nutrition and supplements before and after your workouts. with so many products on the market it can be very hard to choose what you should try and what to pass by. Personally, I like it pretty simple. I stick with basic nutritional needs, and leave ...Read More

Most Effective Exercises: Lunges

Why it’s a winner: Like squats, lunges work all the major muscles of the lower body. Lunges also help improve your balance. This is also an exercise that can easily be worked into your day. Set a time twice a day (when you spend the longest amount of time sitting) and do ...Read More

Most Effective Exercises: Squats

Why it’s a winner: Squats work multiple muscle groups — the quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteals — at the same time. Also, they can be done pretty much anywhere. If you have a few minutes (even at your desk) you can always do bodyweight exercises. How to: Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and ...Read More

Most Effective Exercises: Walking

Why it’s a winner: You can walk anywhere, anytime, either on a treadmill or with no equipment other than a good pair of shoes. How to: Beginners should start by walking five to 10 minutes at a time, gradually moving up to at least 30 minutes per session. As you progress, lengthen ...Read More

Myth Tackle: I Work In An Office

There are a lot of myths that surround being healthy. One of them is that you cannot get enough exercise if you have an office/sit-down job. I work in an office. I get two breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, for about 15 minutes each. I almost always ...Read More

Exercise and Increased Options Ease Labor Worries

For expectant moms, the health and wellness of baby precludes all other concerns, and the amount of information available on the best health practices during pregnancy can sometimes be contradictory and add to the nerves. Alleviating stress is an important part of keeping mom and baby healthy, and there are ways to ...Read More

Couple’s Workout

Sexy positions and sweaty, interlocking bodies — I’m talking about exercise, of course. I’ve created a fun and exhilarating couple’s workout to get muscles working and circulation pumping — but you have to perform this workout with your sweetie. So have some fun, be supportive of your partner, and give your heart and ...Read More

Metabolic Resistance Training

Metabolic Resistance Training is all the rage these days. You can find people talking about it in the gym and trainers coming up with new programs to use it left and right. So I wanted to look into it more and find out what it’s all about. Here’s what I found: Q: ...Read More

Weight Loss and Breast Cancer

Why is Diet and Weight important when it comes to Breast Cancer? Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there is no better time to look at some of the things we can do to help combat this disease. When we hear the word cancer, most of us stop for a moment ...Read More