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Food Fraud: Multigrain

When you see “multigrain” or “seven grain” on bread, pasta, or waffles, flip the package over and check the nutrition label. Even with more than one type of grain, the product could be made largely from refined grains — such as white flour — which have been stripped of fiber and many ...Read More

Good Mood Food: Leafy Greens

Foods can boost energy in three ways: by providing sufficient calories, by delivering stimulants like caffeine, and by pushing the metabolism to burn fuel more efficiently. As for mood, the best foods are those that stabilize blood sugar and trigger feel-good brain chemicals, such as serotonin. Another nutrient that may reduce the ...Read More

To Buy or Not To Buy: Organic is the Question

Although organic is often more expensive, it’s also healthier—you won’t find “toxic chemicals” in most organic selections. I shop at local farmers markets, but keep in mind that most grocery stores, and even Wal-Mart food centers, now have many organic food options at affordable prices. What’s more, to avoid the unwanted antibiotics ...Read More

Seventy-eight Percent of U.S. Families Say They Purchase Organic Foods

Seventy eight percent – more U.S. families than ever before – say they are choosing organic foods, according to a study published by the Organic Trade Association (OTA).   ”In a time when the severity of the economy means making tough choices, it is extremely encouraging to see consumers vote with their values ...Read More

3 Reasons to Choose Organic Foods

When it comes to organic foods, many dieters overlook the for two simple reasons. First, they are worried that organic foods are too expensive, and that making the switch to an organic diet would break the bank. Second, they worry that switching to organic means embracing lifestyle changes that aren’t in keeping ...Read More