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Built-In Motivation

One of the biggest issues we face as an unhealthy society trying to right ourselves is a lack of motivation. I hear well-meaning people tell me all the time that they just aren’t up for working out. Whether it be getting up half an hour earlier in the morning, or squeezing it ...Read More

A Powerful Secret For YOU!

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am a serious believer in positive thinking. I know it helps guide me through my life, maintain my own stresses, and make better decisions for myself. Now, that of course does NOT mean I’m perfect, or even perfectly balanced. It just means that ...Read More

Don’t Let Grandma Take This…

Dear Health-Conscious Reader, There’s a new king of the hill in the drug world. It’s no longer statins – the most popular category of drugs to lower cholesterol and the biggest money-making drug of the past decade. Now there’s a new giant dominating that huge industry. And guess what it is? Anti-psychotics, ...Read More