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Slimming Tip: Eat at Home

Eat home-cooked meals at least five days a week. A¬†Consumer Reports¬†survey found this was a top habit of “successful losers.” Sound daunting? Cooking may be easier than you think. Shortcut foods can make for quick meals, such as pre-chopped lean beef for fajitas, washed lettuce, pre-cut veggies, canned beans, cooked chicken strips, ...Read More

DIY Microwave Meals

One of the biggest set backs in healthy eating is the time it takes to make home-cooked meals. Everyone is restricted on time these days. So I wanted to give you guys one of my best secrets for saving a ton of time and still eating super healthy meals. These Zip ‘n ...Read More

The Dinner Solution

If you have been reading my articles or subscribed to my newsletter for very long, you will know that my number one tip for ANYONE trying to eat healthier, save time and money or lose weight is to plan ahead. It’s the same every time. Plan your meals ahead Prep your vegetables ...Read More

The Trick Is Planning Ahead

A lot of the questions I get asked are about portion sizes, cooking for smaller groups like 2 or 3, and time involved in making/preparing foods. For all of these things, I offer a single answer… Planning Ahead! I have found that eating healthy (without it costing an arm or a leg), ...Read More

Resolutions You Can Stick To

With the new year upon us, now is that time again where we make resolutions. Usually to better ourselves in some way, or enrich our lives. But how many times have you seen someone, maybe yourself, make resolutions that only last a few weeks or months? Often times that happens because people ...Read More