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Nuts Good for Some With Diabetes

Study Shows Daily Serving of Nuts Improves Blood Sugar in Type 2 Diabetes      Eating about 2 ounces of nuts daily in place of carbohydrates may be beneficial to people with type 2 diabetes by lowering bad cholesterol levels and improving blood sugar control, a new study shows. “There are two important factors in ...Read More

Melatonin Might Help Control Weight Gain and Prevent Heart Disease

University of Granada researchers have shown that melatonin — a natural hormone produced by the body — helps in controlling weight gain, even without reducing the intake of food. Melatonin also improves blood lipid profile, as it reduces triglicerids, and also increases HDL cholesterol and reduces LDL cholesterol. Melatonin is found in small ...Read More

The Truth About Butter

If you want to talk about much-maligned foods, butter is right up there at the top of the list. Health authorities have been telling us for years that foods like butter, rich in saturated fat, are clogging our arteries and causing heart disease. So they told us to replace them with trans-fat ...Read More

Pecans May Contribute to Heart Health and Disease Prevention

A new research study from Loma Linda University (LLU) demonstrates that naturally occurring antioxidants in pecans may help contribute to heart health and disease prevention; the results were published in the January 2011 issue of The Journal of Nutrition. Pecans contain different forms of the antioxidant vitamin E – known as tocopherols, ...Read More

7 Foods That Cure

Food is the fuel that runs the body — and the better the quality, the better the performance. Foods not only can turbo charge your engine, but they can be great tools for upkeep as well, giving you the tools to ward off the regular wear and tear associated with as many ...Read More

Bad Fats: Trans Fat

The truth is that there are good fats and bad fats. Often times people try to diet by reducing all of their fat intake, and that simply doesn’t help. I’m going to show you one of the worst kinds of “Bad Fats” on the market today, and we will do more Good ...Read More