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Good Mood Food: Leafy Greens

Foods can boost energy in three ways: by providing sufficient calories, by delivering stimulants like caffeine, and by pushing the metabolism to burn fuel more efficiently. As for mood, the best foods are those that stabilize blood sugar and trigger feel-good brain chemicals, such as serotonin. Another nutrient that may reduce the ...Read More

For More Efficient Muscles, Eat Your Greens

After taking a small dose of inorganic nitrate for three days, healthy people consume less oxygen while riding an exercise bike. A new study in the February issue of Cell Metabolism traces that improved performance to increased efficiency of the mitochondria that power our cells. The researchers aren’t recommending anyone begin taking ...Read More

Cooking Fresh Spinach

Spinach is a great fall vegetable, and can be found in abundance this season in your local farmers markets. It is one of the easy vegetables because you can add it to so many things. Despite this, I often hear people say they don’t know how to prepare fresh spinach over the ...Read More