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A Tribute To Berries

Did you know that berries are extremely high in fiber and antioxidants? In fact, they are counted among the Top 5 Healthy Fat Burning Foods. If you want more fat burning foods in your diet, consider strawberries, cranberries, grapes, blackberries or raspberries in your diet. Many of these berries are seasonal, however may be frozen ...Read More

Ice Cream

People who get cravings tend to have higher BMIs — no surprise since fattening foods are often the object of desire. The combination of cool, creamy, and sweet makes ice cream an irresistible treat — but a costly one in terms of calories. A typical serving of vanilla has 230 calories. Better ...Read More

Food Fraud: Enhanced Water

Water plus vitamins can’t go wrong, right? Vitamins are commonly added to bottled water and advertised on the front label. But some brands also add sugar, taking water from zero calories to as much as 125. Also take into account that most people do not count the calories they drink in their ...Read More

Good Mood Food: Smart Carbs

Foods can boost energy in three ways: by providing sufficient calories, by delivering stimulants like caffeine, and by pushing the metabolism to burn fuel more efficiently. As for mood, the best foods are those that stabilize blood sugar and trigger feel-good brain chemicals, such as serotonin. Carbs may be the foe of ...Read More

Food Fraud: Energy Bars

Thinking you are making good choices with the energy bars? But they are made for health nuts and gym rats, they should be good, right? Many of these are simply enhanced candy bars with more calories (up to 500) and a higher price tag. Their compact size also leaves many people unsatisfied. ...Read More

The Skinny on Skinny Cow

We often end up scanning the nutrient panels on products to see if they are a healthy choice without reading the ingredients list. Sometimes this can lead to decisions like Skinny Cow Ice Cream over our regular brand because the stats appear lower. However, upon further review of the back of the ...Read More

3 Reasons to Choose Organic Foods

When it comes to organic foods, many dieters overlook the for two simple reasons. First, they are worried that organic foods are too expensive, and that making the switch to an organic diet would break the bank. Second, they worry that switching to organic means embracing lifestyle changes that aren’t in keeping ...Read More