Before and After Workouts

Some of my most common questions are about nutrition and supplements before and after your workouts. with so many products on the market it can be very hard to choose what you should try and what to pass by.

Personally, I like it pretty simple. I stick with basic nutritional needs, and leave the science to the other guys.

Pre-workout, I like to have a shake with whey protein and Amazing Grass. The protein gives me the energy boost to get me through the workout, and the Amazing Grass gives me antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to helps keep my whole system running smooth.
In a pinch or a hurry, I grab a banana and peanut-butter to go.

Post-workout, I have a simple complex of amino acids that I can mix into plain old water. I use the GNC Brand, but I’m sure there are others just as good. The amino acids help my body heal from the workout, and really help the day after soreness that can happen when you really push yourself.
On the go, I usually grab an all natural energy bar.

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They are quite delicious and have a huge selection of ingredients to fit your needs.
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