Foodie PenPals – August


Just so you know what we’re talking about here… it’s a penpal program set-up for foodies to get together and share local fare, snacks, treats, recipes or whatever else you like.

Click the picture to the right if you want to join, or learn more about how it works.


This month, I got a box from Julie at A Beautiful Mess, and she did a GREAT job putting together a special box for me!

She managed to get a couple of my faves in there, too. Justin’s Nut Butters are amazing, and also the Acai Energy Drink mixes are a standard at my desk (LOVE them). Tuna in pouches like that are pretty excellent travel foods, you can pack them anywhere and never worry about juices or messes when you want to sit down and eat.


She also put in some things I wasn’t already familiar with. I like Luna bars, but this was a new flavor for me. The seaweed snacks, cracked pepper crackers and sesame bar were all completely new and delicious! The mediterranean roast rub you see there is divine! I haven’t had a chance to use it on a roast yet, but it makes a fantastic spice blend for a philly cheese sandwich for sure.

In the jar there, she made these amazing Pumpkin Breakfast cookies (that’s also what the recipe is) and they were SO good. I had to pull myself away from them to keep from eating them all. I think the white choco-chips really push them over the top! Not something I would make all the time (because I would eat half a batch of batter and then scarf down the cookies in a day or two), but a perfect treat for once in a while.

She also sent a sweet card and some silky smooth hand lotion that I thought were a great touch.


A great big thanks to Julie for making a great box!

Thanks to Lindsay for hosting the Foodie Penpals!

*if you want to know more about them or get on-board, click the link at the top of the page.


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