Buffalo Chicken Breakfast Burrito

For Chicken:

Put 4 large chicken breasts in your crock pot.  In a separate bowl mix 1 package dry salsa mix and 2/3 bottle of your favorite buffalo wing sauce.

I use Moore’s because it’s got excellent flavor and the ingredients list is only about 6 items (that I can pronounce).

Let your chicken cook on low in the sauce for about 3-4 hours until it is done inside. You can check by cutting into the center if you’re not sure.

When the chicken is fully cooked, pull it out on to a plate or cutting board and pull apart with 2 forks. This is easiest when it’s still steaming hot.

Put all your pulled chicken back into the crock pot and add the rest of the bottle of wing sauce. Let it cook on low for about another hour to soak up the flavor and juices.

When your chicken is done, you can set some aside or freeze some for later use…


Or you can pile it into whole wheat tortillas with a scrambled egg and some cheese for amazing breakfast burritos!

These are easy-peasy microwave-able breakfast to-go that everyone will love! Everyone that likes a spicy good morning :)

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