Like other fruits, berries are high in water and fiber, which can keep you full longer. But they have another benefit — they’re very sweet. This means berries can satisfy your sweet tooth for a fraction of the calories you would take in gobbling cookies or brownies. Blueberries stand out because they’re easy to find and loaded with antioxidants.

I like to get my daily berries in a smoothie. I freeze the fruit ahead of time for quick and easy morning mixing. Click Here To Get My Recipe

They also make a great tag-along snack and finger food if you pack them in single serving containers. Here are a few tips:

  • If you are going to freeze your berries, lay them out on a cookie tray and freeze overnight before putting them into baggies or containers. This will allow them to freeze individually and skip the whole squished fruit routine.
  • Use hard containers over baggies if you are packing them to-go. This will help keep them in tact on the trip.
  • Use them as an after school snack for your kids. It gives them something sweet too much on while getting a good dose of vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Try adding them on top of a plain cereal or oatmeal and skip the sugary flavors. The natural sugars in berries are much better for you.
  • Let your kids help you pick them out at the grocery store. Studies show kids are more likely to eat healthy if they are part of the process.

Berries get credit for being some of the highest in antioxidants, anti-cancer and anti-aging properties of all foods. They are also a vitamin powerhouse when it comes to getting your daily dose.

How do you eat your berries? Leave your answer in the comment section below, I always like getting new ideas.

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