Foodie PenPals – July

This is my first month with the Foodie Penpals, but I had a great time participating. Just so you know what we’re talking about here… it’s a penpal program set-up for foodies to get together and share local fare, snacks, treats, recipes or whatever else you like.

Click the picture to the right if you want to join, or learn more about how it works.

I was lucky to be receiving a box from Julie from White Lights on Wednesdays for my first go-round as a Foodie Penpal. She put together the cutest box for me, and gave me some great ideas to use when I make new boxes for other people.




Look at how cute everything is (and how did she know I love polka-dots???)

When you find out who you will be sending a box to each month, you get a hold of them and ask what kind of things they like, allergies, preferences, all that good stuff. Julie found out that I like to cook, and enjoy healthy foods.

She had me at hello…

I mean, spices! She sent me some lovely spices to play with, and I have enjoyed them so much already! My favorite so far is the Emeril’s Essence Creole Seasoning (I use that and just a touch of butter to saute vegetables and they come out AMAZING). Julie said it is her secret weapon in the kitchen and I can definitely see why.

Along with some cool cooking supplies, she sent me a couple of sweet little treats. See those chocolate hazelnut wafers? They made a perfect girls day snack with my cousin when we were having movie time.

But my absolute favorite thing in the whole package…?

That slightly inconspicuous pretty container in the back there is full of something delicious that I wasn’t prepared for…

It spilled out into what is seriously the most satisfying, incredibly wonderful, nearly dessert tasting granola that I have ever tried. EVER.

It was labeled as Coconut Cranberry Granola. Which is a lovely name, for certain… but simply does not do it justice.

It’s soft, crunchy, sweet, toasty and all around taste-bud reward. I had to stop myself from eating it the very first day I had it (before it even went home) and since then I’ve had to keep it hidden and only bring it out in small portions.


A great big thanks to Julie for making a great box!

Thanks to Lindsay for hosting the Foodie Penpals!

*if you want to know more about them or get on-board, click the link at the top of the page.

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