Pears and Apples

Pears and Apples

Pears and apples are high in water content. Eat them with the peels for extra fiber, which will keep you full longer. It is recommended that you eat whole fruits rather than fruit juice. Not only do you get more fiber, you have to chew the fruits. This takes longer and requires some exertion. You actually burn a few calories chewing, as opposed to gulping down a smoothie.

I like to can my apples and pears together in small jars with very light syrup and cinnamon. They are easy to travel, already portioned and naturally sweet.

There are so many different varieties of apples and pears that even if you are eating them organically in-season, you can easily get them all year long.

  • Try slicing them into small pieces and skewering them with cheese as a healthy snack that’s filling and fun
  • Apples and pears are both tasty grilled, too. They make a tasty topper for burgers when you grill them together.
  • For another to-go snack. put a small bit of peanut-butter into the corner of a sandwich bag and tie it off. Pack this in with some apple or pear slices and when you’re ready, just cut the corner of the PB bag to spread without the mess.


How do you like your apples? Leave your answer in the comments section below, I always like new ideas.

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