Good Mood Food: Leafy Greens

Foods can boost energy in three ways: by providing sufficient calories, by delivering stimulants like caffeine, and by pushing the metabolism to burn fuel more efficiently. As for mood, the best foods are those that stabilize blood sugar and trigger feel-good brain chemicals, such as serotonin.

Another nutrient that may reduce the risk of depression is folate. Like omega-3 fatty acids, folate is found in leafy green vegetables, including spinach and romaine lettuce.  Legumes, nuts, and citrus fruits are also good sources of folate.

I get organic produce delivered every week. When it comes, the first thing I do is pull out a big salad bowl and start with my leafy greens. Then as I’m prepping my other veggies for the week, I throw a handful of each in my salad bowl. Try this trick to create new salads each time and always have a variety of vitamins and minerals. You and your family may eat salad a lot more often if it is readily available.

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