4th of July Fatburning Tips

To all of my readers in these United States: Happy 4th of July!

It’s usually a great time for people to gather with family and friends around a big pile of food. A lot of bar-b-que and grilled food for most of us. Today I wanted to share some ways to make your good eats on the 4th a declaration of fatburning… sound good?

1. Try grilled bison.
Bison ROCKS. The grass-fed (most are) bison we get is of the best quality possible, and I swear it tastes better than a filet.
Bison is also lower in fat-calories than steak. Now, I am NOT against dietary fat in the least — I eat a lot of it.
Just know this: If you’ve been eating a lot of carbs, you need to keep your dietary fat LOW.
That’s why I’m giving you the bison tip. Plus, it tastes awesome.
TIP:  Bison or steak, it doesn’t matter… Try dipping your steak/bison into ranch dressing.
Sounds funky, but wow… awesome. And for the diet-conscious out there, here’s the truth: A little ranch goes a long way. Have a little on the side, and try dipping your fork in it in stead the meat directly. That’ll get some on each bite, but cut down how much you eat throughout the meal.


2. Pass on the white bread buns.
Go for the meats and sausages, but opt out of the buns. Here is your real fat-maker:  White flour.
Go easy on the sugars as well. You can really enjoy a barbecue with a lean cut of meat (or tofu if you are a vegetarian), large amounts of fresh veggies (chopped; eat them raw, and try dipping them in hummus, and a modest dessert.
By reducing your “useless” carbs like breads, pasta, potatoes, etc. you can enjoy a sensible dessert.
And, if you ask me, a great dessert is a LOT better-tasting than any hamburger bun can ever be.
It’s just a substitution thing — one bad carb for another — so why not pick the really TASTY bad carb?
However, if you really want the bun, pass on dessert if you want to have a more fat-burning meal.


3. Finally, The Half-n-Half Rule.
This is so simple, and it works like magic: Eat HALF the food on your plate. Load up, then cut it in half.
Eat the OTHER half 3-4 hours later.
Same calories, totally different body reaction. You will not feel bloated, tired, or stuffed. Your metabolism will have a chance to elevate with the more frequent, less calorie-dense meal structure, and who knows…
You may even pass on that second half later on, cutting your calories in HALF.
Makes sense right?
Enjoy your holiday!

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