Food Fraud: Breakfast Muffins

Muffins masquerade as a healthy choice for breakfast. They beat doughnuts, they’re still mainly sugary little cakes of refined flour. One store-bought muffin can hit 500 calories with 11 teaspoons of sugar.

Most of us find it very easy to justify something when it has fruit in it or if it says wheat. The truth is, that when you’re looking at pre-made munchies with no nutrition information, it’s easiest to make your mistakes.

Food Fix: Go no larger than 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Or look for 100-calorie muffins at the store.

If you know you’re a muffin lover (like I am) try getting VitaMuffins ahead of time. They taste fantastic, only have 100 calories, packed with vitamins and minerals, plus they keep well in the freezer. They make a fairly regular breakfast for me paired with a little protein powder and water.

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