Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is a nutritional all-star that belongs in your weight loss plan. This whole grain has 8 grams of hunger-busting protein and 5 grams of fiber in one cup, plus it’s as easy to cook as rice. It’s also packed with nutrients such as iron, zinc, selenium, and vitamin E.

For a quick and interesting dinner, mix in some vegetables, nuts, or lean protein. It also makes a great breakfast or travel lunch if you make it ahead of time.

Quinoa has a rich, nutty flavor which makes a nutrient packed addition to soups. Just add some to your broth with your other ingredients and let it cook away in your slow cooker. Being high in protein, quinoa is a healthy alternative for vegetarians as well.

 Try using it in place of rice in your recipes as a stuffer for stuffed peppers, eggplants or mushrooms. The added protein and fiber will help make your veggies more filling without all the white carbs to make you sleepy.

How do you eat your quinoa? Leave your answers in the comment section below, I’m always up for new ideas.

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