Food Fraud: Enhanced Water

Water plus vitamins can’t go wrong, right?

Vitamins are commonly added to bottled water and advertised on the front label. But some brands also add sugar, taking water from zero calories to as much as 125. Also take into account that most people do not count the calories they drink in their daily toll. It’s easy to forget about them, but they do add up. If you drank two of these per day, you are taking in enough calories to gain half a pound per week!

Food Fix: Try getting a filtered jug for your refrigerator. Colder tastes better and filtered tastes cleaner. You may find this is an acceptable solution for the flavored waters.

If you are out and you order water, try ordering it with some fruit. Lemons, limes and oranges make a great squeeze with your glass. There’s usually no charge for your flavored buddy, and they only add around 5 calories.

If you like to travel with drinks and just prefer the flavors, try finding powdered drink mixes that are better for you. Many of them come in ready to mix stick-packs and can be carried easily. Look for something with all natural ingredients and a little fiber. My personal favorite is To Go Brands, the makers of Healthy To Go.

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