The Dinner Solution

If you have been reading my articles or subscribed to my newsletter for very long, you will know that my number one tip for ANYONE trying to eat healthier, save time and money or lose weight is to plan ahead. It’s the same every time.

What all of these things have in common is control. By planning ahead, you can control your calories, your cravings, how much money you are spending, your snacks and even save yourself time in having to figure out each day what to make. You can plan your activities around your meals or vice versa depending on the needs of  your household… but definitely plan ahead.

I have given this same advice to literally thousands of people. I always get one of a few reactions:

“I don’t have time to plan ahead, everything is so rushed already”

“I don’t know how to plan ahead for a whole week”

“I don’t know what to cook, I run out of ideas”

OR the far less popular: “I can’t believe how easy it is when you get used to it, thank you!”

I am at heart, a solutions person. I like to solve problems and help people on their way to the life they want and deserve. So today I am offering you a solution to ALL of those statements (except the last one) by sharing a service that I use.

Emeals is a super simple solution to all of the problems with planning ahead. You can create an account with them, choose your family size and what plan you would like and they do all the planning for you!

You can even pick specialized plans for low-calorie, low-fat, vegetarian, gluten-free and several more.

Once you decide how you want to eat, you show them where you shop. They have several options for common grocery stores listed, or an option for general shopping at other stores. They put together a weekly plan for you with 7 dinner meals using the local sales at the stores you choose. Then all you have to do is print the recipe page and shopping list.

The recipes are healthy, easy to follow and delicious! Everything tailored to fit your family.

I usually use a couple of their ideas a week. It’s easy to play with them and see what you want to use, or just go play-by-play for the whole week. Plus, with a pre-made list, I can send the boyfriend shopping with no excuses or “forgotten things”.


Click the picture to the right to view a sample weekly plan. (This sample plan is designed to feed a family of 6)

It includes easy to follow directions, new recipes and a shopping list for anything you’ll need to complete your meals.

Planning ahead just got way easier!

The best part is that it is only about $5 a month! That’s barely over a dollar a week and you get everything laid out in the easiest way.

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