Exercise and Increased Options Ease Labor Worries

For expectant moms, the health and wellness of baby precludes all other concerns, and the amount of information available on the best health practices during pregnancy can sometimes be contradictory and add to the nerves. Alleviating stress is an important part of keeping mom and baby healthy, and there are ways to gain access to the most reliable information that will help a mother feel confident going into delivery day.


The most important tactic is to attend regular check-ups. Whether the pregnancy is being monitored by an obstetrician or midwife, ultrasounds and other safe forms of testing can be used to catch problems early on. Health professionals can also answer questions and provide resources, such as information on pregnancy classes and research-based reading materials.


Avoid Physical Inactivity

For a long time, expecting moms and doctors alike thought that exercise might play a role in miscarriage. Modern research shows that exercise, up to mom’s tolerance level, is safe in most circumstances and offers a wide range of benefits for both mom and baby. Probably the most profound physiological benefit is enhanced mood. Exercise causes glands to release special hormones that elevate mood and fight inflammation.


A regular workout program will also help reduce fatigue, although the urge to nap at odd hours is unlikely to depart. Essentially exercise helps the body to better regulate the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for achieving a full night’s rest. Fitness programs also help to build lean muscle, which will result in a more efficient metabolism. This is a key factor in making sure baby and mom have the proper nutrition. Other benefits include:


  • improved circulation and oxygen delivery
  • better digestion and absorption
  • relief from back and joint pain


It’s important to discuss exercise with the health provider and gain their input as well. Exercise classes for pregnancy are common and can help the inexperienced get off to a great start.


Pregnancy and Childbirth Classes

Every stage of pregnancy offers its own challenges and worries, and delivery day can be seen as the climax of challenge and stress. Having professional guidance and the counsel of others going through the same thing is an invaluable resource. Childbirth classes offer this guidance.


Besides learning about exercise and breathing techniques to eliminate stress, this is also an opportunity to gain information on new and alternative procedures. Cord blood banking is a relatively new practice of saving stem cells found in the umbilical cord blood. These stem cells could potentially be used in stem cell treatment, for your baby and maybe a sibling, if the need should ever arise. Water birthing is an old technique being revived as a healthy way to give birth with fewer complications. Staying apprised of these and other options can help in reducing worries and make for a happy pregnancy and childbirth.


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