Stopping At Starbucks?

Tempted by delicious coffee treats? It’s especially easy to be drawn in during the holiday rush to grab some pep to-go. Here are a few tips to grabbing your favorites without weighing yourself down.

Brewed Coffee

You are pretty safe sticking with a standard brewed coffee. Most of them come in around 5 calories, even the Bold Pick of the Day.

The thing you want to be careful with here is what you add, or how you alter it.

Having iced coffee will put you up to 90 calories, and iced coffee with milk will put you all the way up to 120 per 16 oz cup. The Caffe Misto (which is just brewed coffee and steamed milk) clocks in at 110 calories per 16 oz cup.


Chocolate Drinks

These are more like a trick than a treat when it comes to your diet! Personally, I steer clear of them all together.

Plain Hot Chocolate will cost you 370 calories, while the White Hot Chocolate comes in at 420 calories per 16 oz cup.

Extra tempted by these flavored favorites? The Peppermint Hot Chocolate has 440 calories and last but not least, the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate is a whopping 450 calories per 16 oz cup. That’s more than a lot of the meals I eat!


Espresso & Cappuccino

Here’s another example of simpler is better. A plain espresso is only 5 calories and a plain cappuccino is 120 for a 16 oz cup.

However when you get crazy with the extras, your coffee gets crazy with the calories.

Add the word Latte’ to your order and you have instantly jumped up to 200-300 calories. If you say Mocha, you are sure to tally in more than 300 and sometimes as much as 450 calories per 16 oz drink!

There is a little hope in this category, though. They offer the “Skinny” version of some of these drinks. The skinny version uses non-fat milk and sugar-free flavorings to bring the calorie count down to 80-130 depending on the flavor you pick. That’s way better than the originals.



You can grab a standard Coffee Frappuccino for around 240 calories. But this is another group where the longer your description, the higher your calories. Most varieties of Frappuccino come in between 400-500 calories per 16 oz cup.

Thankfully they offer almost every flavor in a Lite version. These are also made with non-fat milk as well as skipping out on the whipped topping and extra syrup poured over top. These weigh in at 200 calories or less, most of them being between 130-170 calories a piece for a 16 oz drink.


Tazo Tea

Tazo Tea can be a fantastic choice because the brewed tea itself has 0 calories. That’s right, completely calorie-free.

However be careful again how you order it. While not as bad as some of the coffees on the caloric scale, they can still add up depending on what you want done to it.

To simply order your tea “shaken” is to have it mixed with a citrus flavoring, and will cost you about 80 calories. Turning your tea into a Latte will bring you all the way back up to 200-350 calories. Getting your Tea Latte iced does help that a little.


Keep in mind all of these calorie counts are based on the Starbucks Nutritional information offered for a 16 oz drink. That is the smallest size they offer. If you usually order anything bigger, your calorie counts will be much higher.

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