Tips For Eating Healthy When You Go Out

Did you know you’re bound to consume roughly 20% more “mindless” calories during a night out if you fail to call ahead than if you were to have a reservation? Weight loss research has shown exactly this.

  • If you show up to the restaurant hungry, but there’s an hour wait you often find yourself waiting at the bar. This gives you plenty of opportunity to be over tempted by calorie-expensive drinks, appetizers, and dips that you wouldn’t have indulged in if you had been seated right away.
  • This extra 20% is easily avoided by simply calling ahead to make sure you have a table.

Did you know that if you pay with plastic you’ll likely spend more (and eat more) than if you settled your bill with cash? Research has also proved this. People spend, and subsequently eat, around 30% more when they pay via credit card. Simply put, when paying with money you’re borrowing, it’s very easy to lose track of how much you’re spending, and easier to order that extra app, desert, or larger entrée.

  • I know not many people carry cash anymore, but if you set a reasonable amount to spend ahead of time you can bring cash and leave your cards at home.
  • You’ll be forced to stay within your budget, which is better for your belt and your wallet.

Did you know that portion sizes at most restaurants average double (sometimes triple) appropriate portions? This makes it very easy to overeat when you go out before you even realize it. Plus, their oversized portions often don’t include enough of the vegetables you really need.

  • When you place your order, go for the “add a salad” most places off this for only a dollar or two. It’ll help up you veggie intake and fill you up a little before your food comes.
  • Order a to-go box as soon as you get your entre, then you can put half in it for later. This will save you from overeating and give you a whole extra meal for when you are at home.

I hope these tips help keep you on track. If you have other suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments section below.


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