Arlene’s Lean Mean Protein Shake



  1. Pour milk into shaker or glass first.
  2. Add all powders and shake/stir well to combine
  3. You want to drink it somewhat quickly, because the fiber will thicken if you let it sit

It might sound like there’s a lot in it, but truly there isn’t. Here’s how I do it:

  • I always have my amazing grass handy. I use it a couple of times a day, so it’s a standard in my diet already. One scoop is all you need for this.
  • I order my spirulina, organic hemp protein, and maca powder from You don’t need a lot, so I just get the sample packs. (They usually run about $2.50 ea). In a standard mason jar, I drop all 3 powders and put it up in the cabinet. Simple. Then I just use my amazing grass scoop to add this mixture in too.
  • I use colonix fiber because it is a great mixture of 15 different natural fibers, and it works beautifully. It is a little expensive, so if you prefer, you can substitute regular psyllium husk instead. You can pick that up in most grocery stores for a couple of dollars. Personally, I don’t think it dissolves enough, but that’s just my preference.

This is a great way to start your day. It’s packed with a lot of fiber, natural sources of protein, and tons of vitamins. It is almost 300 calories, which is good for the morning, but will definitely keep you feeling full for hours.

If you workout in the mornings, you will want to drink this afterwards. I enjoy my workouts much more if I don’t feel overly full.

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