3 Move Home Workout

As we come to the beginning of a new year, a lot of people are making resolutions to get in better shape. Whether it is about losing fat, toning up, or just feeling better with more energy you will need a good place to start.

Most of the time when resolutions to get in shape fail it is either because someone doesn’t know where to begin, or because they try to start with too much. Either case can leave you feeling very overwhelmed. I’m going to give you a simple routine that you can do at home without feeling overwhelmed. Try to work it into your schedule two or three times per week and see how quickly you can start feeling better!

3 Move Home Workout:

1. Pushups – aim for 10 reps or as many as possible. Keep track of how many you do each set and try to push yourself to increase slowly.

2. Walking lunges (stationary lunges for beginners) – 15 steps one direction, turn around and walk lunge 15 steps to the start position.

3. Cardio of your choice – 2 minutes at a high intensity but not so fast that you burn out too quickly. This can be simply running in place, jump roping quickly, running up and down your stairs, or any other cardio you enjoy. Switching it up from one workout to the next will help add variety to your routine.


Once you have completed all three moves, take a break for a moment and repeat them. Try to make it through the full set three times. Soon you will feel stronger arms, more tone in your legs, and all of your core muscles will firm up!

Good Luck! Let me know how it is working out for you, or post any questions in the comment section below.

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