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Did you know that a lot of the day-to-day issues that most people experience can be attributed to a lack of two things?

Most people experience a series of things throughout the day like headaches, stomach aches, fatigue, and overeating, among others that can be helped very easily. Most often these are symptoms of bigger problems caused by dehydration or a lack of nutrients. Your body will use these signs to try to warn you that something is wrong, or missing.

Even overeating can be helped by making sure you are getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. When you get cravings for certain foods, it is your body’s way of saying that it needs something you can get in that food. For example if you are craving a banana, you most likely need potassium. Hunger itself is a way to tell you that you are running low on the nutrients that your body needs in order to get through your day.

I know it isn’t always easy to fit full meals into your busy day. That’s why a lot of people end up grabbing snacks or food to go, and eating on the run. However, these quick, prepackaged meals are often very low in nutrients and high in artificial fillers, and chemicals. Leaving you to be hungry again a short time later, and overeating or having these other symptoms when you are still running short on your nutritional needs.

The good thing is that there are a lot of ways you can fix this problem. Knowing the source of your issues is a huge step in solving them. All you have to do is make sure you are getting the good stuff your body needs.

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First, make sure you are getting enough water.

Adequate water consumption can help lessen the chance of kidney stones, keep joints lubricated, prevent and lessen the severity of colds and flu and help prevent constipation.

The number one, first piece of advice that I give anyone who is looking to lose weight, improve health, or feel more energetic is to put down the sodas and sports drinks, and replace them with water. If you are currently drinking even a few sodas or sports drinks everyday, and you replace them with water you will automatically:

  • reduce the number of calories you are taking in
  • decrease the amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • be more energetic
  • be less prone to colds and infections
  • and stay better hydrated

You can see these results beginning on the first day and increasing the longer you keep up with it. On a low average these drinks contain 100 calories or more a piece. As well as being full of harmful chemicals, artificial flavoring, high fructose corn syrup,  and other preservatives that your body is simply not built to process properly.

When I started adjusting my water intake to be sure I was reaching my daily requirements I found that the easiest way was to divide my day. For example, I most often use a 20 oz bottle to drink from. That means if I drink 4 of those bottles, I have reached my requirements. I know I need to drink 2 of them before my lunch, and at least 2 of them after. By doing it this way, it is easy to keep track of, and I find that most days I’m now drinking my 4 bottles before I leave work in the evening. Try this approach and see how well it works for you.

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Next, you want to be sure to get a good supply of vitamins and minerals.

The easiest way to do this is to put a lot of fruits and vegetables in your day. I don’t mean that you have to eat like a rabbit, but be conscious of what you’re putting in your body for fuel. Remember, if you are feeling hungry it is probably a lack of nutrients, not solid food. That means not just any old thing will do.

In fact, if you take a few steps to prepare, you’ll find that eating healthy and having fulfilling snacks are as handy as some of the alternatives marketed as being quick and easy. For example I find that:

  • If I spend an hour or so prepping and freezing my vegetables when I first get them, I am more likely to use them when cooking.
  • If I prep fresh fruits and vegetables into snack bags at the beginning of the week, I am very prone to grab them throughout my busier days when I need something quick.
  • If I make a large bowl of fresh salad once in the beginning of the week, I will likely make dinners over the next few days that go with it so I’m sure to not throw it out.
  • If I juice fresh fruits, and mix with green tea to make a gallon, I have a great healthy drink to start my day off for the whole week.
  • If I make a big batch of healthy muffins, I can use them as a quick snack or a grab and go breakfast.

These are only a few ideas to help put the good stuff back into a time crunched day. Most of these I do on one of my days off. That way I don’t feel overwhelmed by it, but it certainly goes a long way through my week. You will notice big changes in your energy, and overall health if you can put the nutrient rich foods into your daily habits.

Let me know how these tips work out for you, or post some of your own below in the comments.

Happy Eating, Everyone.

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